Monday, April 11, 2011

Wanderlust Hotel - Little India Hotel Pearl in Singapore

I recently came home from Singapore and had the delighting opportunity to stay in Hotel Wanderlust. A charming boutique design hotel located at Dickson Street 2 in Little India.

Already at arrival the staff were genuinely nice and had none of the fake service mind often found in top-tier hotels. One day I met the manager in the elevator who just wanted to make sure that my visit was to my satisfaction. There are four types of room where of I stayed in the simple version called Pantone. There are 10 pantone rooms and each of them are completely furnished in individual colours. My room was bright orange - my favourite!

The rooms provide just about everything that you need and want such as cool design, a nice shower, an awesome bed, nice linen, comfy toilet paper and a nespresso machine. Meanwhile it has nothing that you do not want to pay for or need. Ok, it has no desk so for the business traveler another place may be to prefer, the semi-exeptionistic bathrooms may not be anything for the easily embarresed new-mets.

Not only are the rooms and the service top class. So is the breakfast buffet! It has an air of home-cooked and things as good bacon, and well made scrambled eggs are not common in South East Asia. The orange-juice was also by far the best I've had for over a month in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.

I had very little time to try out the bar but they do provide the excellent beer Little Creatures Pale Ale. Things like that - attention to details - is what makes Wanderlust Hotel one of the best hotel stays I've had.